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My Viv is a new line of sexual-wellness products from Ann Summers,
with health and equality at its core.

With toys, devices and lubricants, the My Viv line serves women who are seeking a better sex life and a better relationship with their vagina.

At My Viv, we are not afraid to say the word ‘vagina’ and we don’t believe that you should be, either. We want to start frank discussions about how to make sex better
and more satisfying – for everyone.

Ill health can affect people’s bodies and their sex lives. Jacqueline Gold, the CEO of Ann Summers, has been open about her own experience of breast cancer – she understands how breast cancer and other illnesses, including gynaecological cancers and conditions like vaginismus and vulvodynia, can impact a person’s body, wellbeing and sex life.

For those who have experienced pain or dissatisfaction, My Viv is for you. It’s for those who are not yet having the kind of sex and orgasms they know they deserve. 

Sex is more satisfying, more equal, more fulfilling using My Viv’s natural, safe, ergonomically designed toys and lubricants.

We’re committed to closing the orgasm gap: straight men have more orgasms than straight women – that’s a fact. But it’s a fact My Viv seeks to change. Everyone deserves pleasure; everyone deserves to be satisfied. 

Our My Viv products are for everyone, whatever their past, whatever their future. Whatever their gender identity, whatever their sexuality.