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Eight types of orgasm?! No way! We get it, that’s probably what many of you thought when you first read that. But trust us, there are many more ways to enjoy your body and experience toe-curling, earth shattering orgasms than just the old classics. We also know that some of those orgasms can leave you wondering how exactly you’re meant to make it happen!

We’ve taken some tips from our resident sex therapist, Jodie Slee, as well as some of our own advice to put together a few pointers to help you take your sex life, whether solo or with a partner, to new orgasmic heights!

1. Clitoral Orgasm A clitoral orgasm is one that most of us know and love. The clitoris has thousands of nerve endings, making it super sensitive and incredibly pleasurable if it’s stimulated in the right way. Whether you prefer to go manual or bring in a little buzz from a bullet vibrator or clitoral vibrator, targeting your clitoris can lead to intense orgasms all by itself.

Jodie adds, “Only ¼ of the clitoris is visible, this is the glands which is the most sensitive part and has over 8,000 nerve endings which is twice as much as a penis. For this reason some women find direct clitoral stimulation too much, they may prefer to stimulate around the labia generally. Try rhythmic circular movement, or up and down and side to side. Start slowly and gently increasing pressure and speed as arousal builds. Teasing is a good idea as it allows arousal to build and intensifies the orgasm. Grinding is also a great way to get off, it's actually how a lot of women first learn to masturbate. Grind on a pillow, sex toy or partner!”

2. G-spot Orgasm When it comes to penetrative sex, the G-spot orgasm is often the holy grail. Some women find it a little more difficult to achieve a G-spot orgasm from sex, but there are many techniques and toys that can help you do this. A G-spot vibrator is a great secret weapon to have on hand to help you out during masturbation or even sex. If your partner wants to do it by themselves, a position such as The Hard Lean, with your legs in the air and hips rocked back will make targeting the G-spot easier. Jodie also suggests, “Most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone. The best way to find out is to lay on your back, insert a finger and do a come-hither motion, stroking rather than thrusting in and out.”

3. Blended Orgasm Got the first two down? Let’s try combining them to create a cocktail of pure pleasure! A blended orgasm is basically a multiple orgasm that includes an internal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm. If you’re trying this solo, you might want to use a Rampant Rabbit, a toy that has both vibrating ears for your clitoris and a shaft for internal stimulation. If you’re with a partner, this is the perfect time to try a vibrating cock ring, stimulating your clitoris as they penetrate.

If you fancy going completely manual on this one, Jodie has a few tips for hitting the right spots, “Blended orgasm basically means stimulating both the vagina and the clitoris at the same time, so basically combine the above two techniques. It’s probably fun to throw in some nipple stimulation or anal too if there are enough hands/sex toys to increase intensity and tip you over the edge.”

4. Anal Orgasm As we mention in our Beginner’s Guide to Anal, having anal sex is much more than just a naughty kink – it can actually lead to amazing orgasms all by itself. Anal sex is all about taking your time and a lot of care over what you’re doing (plus a whole load of lube!). There are plenty of anal toys that range from gently easing you in, through to expert anal pleasure seeking. If you’re completely new to anal, trying anal masturbation will help you learn what your limits are and move at your own pace.

When it comes to the anal orgasm, Jodie has some expert tips to guide you in the right direction; “Anal can be great as long as you’re careful and patient. Make sure you’re not getting your tips from porn!!! Make sure you’re really turned on and use a tonne of good quality lube. Start gently by exploring around the entrance without any penetration. The skin around the butt hole is flooded with nerve endings so for some this is enough, if you’re curious about penetration then again take it slow and maybe try a small beginners butt plug. The pudendal that serves the rectum is the same nerve that runs through the cervix and vagina so it can be great fun if done correctly.”

5. A-spot Orgasm It’s time to get deep for this one! The A-spot might be the first orgasm on this list that you’ve never heard of, but we guarantee it’s one you’ll wish you knew about sooner. Complete beginners can read our A-spot Guide, but to put it simply this is an area located deep in the vagina that’s actually an internal part of the clitoris. The A-spot is a little deeper than the G-spot, so plenty of lube and a toy such as a curved dildo or vibrator should help you find it.

Having trouble finding the A-spot? Jodie has a few tips; “The A-spot is an erogenous zone positioned between the cervix and the bladder. In order to stimulate it you’re either going to need a larger than average penis or a decent sized dildo. The spot may feel spongier and softer that other parts although good luck getting a finger in that deep although you can indirectly simulate it via anal. Just go big and grind away until you find your sweet spot.”

6. Nipple Orgasm Nipple play feels great during sex, right? Well, did you know you can also achieve a nipple orgasm with the right stimulation? The nipples are directly connected to the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that controls feelings and regulates chemicals that help us feel aroused or excited. The hypothalamus releases oxytocin, which is the same chemical that triggers the contractions that give us an orgasm. Try a bullet vibrator for increased intensity, or a warming or tingling lube.

Here’s some expert advice to help you achieve your first nipple orgasm; “Remember that every nipple is different, figuring out what type of sensation works for you is an important place to start. Some like it rough, such as biting and clamping, whereas others may prefer more gentle teasing like blowing or flicking the tongue across them. Involving nipple play in masturbation is the ideal way to start to understand what works for your nipples and guide your partner during sex. A nipple orgasm may not be as common as other types of orgasm, but it can be just as effective. Nipple orgasms range from small and pleasant to full-on toe curlers - even causing you to experience pleasure much further south. As with any sort of stimulation, it can take a lot of practice to get right but is well-worth the wait.”

7. Coregasm A coregasm is known as an Exercise Induced Orgasm, they occur when performing exercises that stabilise your core, this may result in muscle contractions in the pelvic floor that may produce similar stimulation to an orgasm. They feel different to vaginal orgasms as the feeling spreads across the lower body and legs. They're not always easy to achieve and whether you can have one or not may well depend on your anatomy.

Coregasms are more likely to happen when your muscles are fatigued and you're correctly engaging your core by pulling your belly button upwards towards your spine. Trying some of the following exercises may result in a coregasm: Crunches, Side crunches, Leg lifts, Knee lifts, Hip thrusts, Squats, Hanging straight leg raises, Plank variations, Rope or pole climbing, Pullups, Chin ups, Hamstring curls

“Just like any orgasm, some people may naturally find achieving a corgasm easier than others. Working out for hours on end with your entire focus being on a corgasm probably isn't the way to make this happen. Try to enjoy your workouts and get yourself into a relaxed mindset which will help increase your chances.”

8. Mindgasm A mindgasm refers to an orgasm that occurs without any form of physical stimulation, people also often refer to having orgasms in their sleep. Research has shown that brain activity in the exact same spot as those who were stimulated to orgasm by traditional genital contact. The way to achieve them is to gain a heightened synchronicity between your body and your mind. Practices like meditation and mindfulness will help with this and will help to immerse yourself in sexual thoughts and imagery. Sexual visualization and fantasy is key but this will probably take A LOT of practice with daily visualization and meditation.

“Remember that a mindgasm cannot be forced and they rely more on you getting into the right mindset. This means taking the pressure off yourself and really concentrating on being fully present in the moment, letting your mind run away and take you to new levels where a mindgasm may naturally occur. Even if it doesn't, this practice is a great way to encourage your own sexuality to flourish.”

Remember, the worst thing you can do is put any pressure on yourself to achieve any of these orgasms and an orgasm shouldn’t always been the goal – whether you’re playing solo or with a partner. Learn to explore your body and discover what feels good for you and, trust us, the pleasure will follow!

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