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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

If you’re a fan of the TV show Friends, you’ll have seen the classic episode where Monica gives Chandler some sex advice and enthusiastically declares that there are 7 erogenous zones that’ll drive his lady wild.

But there are, in fact, more than 7 of these delightful pleasure points all over the body that will whip you into a frenzy – even before the real foreplay begins!

As the saying goes, there are different strokes for different folks, so knowing what zones really get you both going will bring you and your partner closer together and result in a night of mind-blowing, intimate love-making.

So, it’s time to get up close and personal and start exploring…


An erogenous zone is an area of the skin with heightened sensitivity. When this area is touched or stimulated, it can create the feeling of relaxation and sexual arousal, which can ultimately lead towards an orgasm.

There are a number of these super sensitive sensual spots to explore. The key to finding your favourite areas is with gentle touching and stroking and lots of communication.

What feels great for you might not feel the same for your partner, so being honest about your likes and dislikes will help you both discover something wonderful.

Exploring each others bodies before sex is highly arousing and knowing how to ignite that spark of passion will help elevate your loving to another level.


Well, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that one of the main erogenous zones for us ladies is our vaginas.

The vulva is a treasure trove of pleasure that’s teaming with nerve endings that, when stimulated, can leave us screaming with delight.

The labia, clitoris and G-spot can be stimulated in a number of ways. For example you could use some tantalising finger and mouth play, or use sex toys, like clit stimulators, to deliver intense vibrations directly to your clitoris for a deep, intense orgasm.

Take a look at our guide ‘Oral sex: what women want’ for some great tips and discover our range of clit vibrators – perfect for solo play and foreplay fun.


Likewise for guys, it’s unsurprising that their main erogenous zone is their penis and balls. From the head of the penis, over the foreskin and down the shaft, this is one sensitive boy. And when he’s standing to attention, you can do wonders with your hands and mouth to get your guy going.

But there are two additional areas that can really drive him wild.

The first is the perineum – a sensitive patch of skin between his balls and his bum. Give this area a gentle stroke or a massage when you’re playing with his shaft and he’ll be putty in your hands.

The second area is his prostate. Also referred to as the P-Spot, stimulation to this area can do for the guys what the G-spot does to us girls!

It’s located just inside his bottom can be massaged using your finger or a prostate massager – just be sure to use lots of lube and let him know what you’re planning beforehand to avoid any surprises!



When was the last time you had a really passionate kiss? No, not a peck or a little snog during sex, we mean a really passionate kiss, the kind that knocks you off your feet and makes your tummy flip.

The mouth is such a sensitive area, but the tongue is a huge erogenous zone – buzzing with nerve endings that can sometimes make kissing feel more intimate that making love.

So pucker up, give that sexy lip a little nibble and let those tongues start exploring.


Gentle stroking along the side of the neck, the nape of the neck and along the clavicle is SO DARN SEXY!

When those eyes close and that head rolls back, you know it’s time to up the heat with some feather-light kisses, licking and even nibbling – just be careful you don’t go full dracula-mode on them. Ain’t nothing sexy about a hickey!


Once you’ve started on the neck, don’t stop there – take the kissing up behind their ear and then nibble on their earlobe for a sexy sensation they’ll never forget.


You’re going to have to show some restraint here because the temptation to tickle could overwhelm you and this move is all about trust!

The sensation of being tickled teeters on the brink of sexual arousal

says relationship expert Cory Beth Honickman, so she suggests you go lightly up and down before moving to circular motions – just make sure you pay close attention to how they’re responding. If they have a clenched fist and are squirming away from you it’s not a good sign, so back away from the armpit!


The areola and nipple in particular are very sensitive for both guys and gals, so some gentle stimulation here is needed. Stroking, licking, sucking and some nibbling can be hot, but the degree in which you play will very much depend on the recipient!

Avoid playing with the nipples like you’re trying to tune in a long frequency radio station and instead make sure you pay close attention to what your partner likes. If they want you to up the ante and go for firmer action, they’ll let you know and you can follow their lead.


These areas are so sensitive that the right level of kissing and caressing will leave your partner weak at the knees. They’ll be begging for more and neither of you will be able to resist taking it further!

Honickman also says that stroking the stomach promotes so much blood flow to this erogenous zone that you can actually stimulate a woman’s G-spot from this area.

And while the pubic mound may not sound like the sexiest of destinations, it’s actually a super hot area that when stimulated will send some electrifying sensations shooting through your body.


The inner thigh area is so delicate, that with just a little stimulation neither of you will be able to restrain the heat you have for each other!

Long strokes, nibbling, licking…man oh man, this is one move that never fails!  


If you’re out in public and you want to get your partner revved up for some hot action when you get home, then this sexy little spot is the one to hit.

The sacrum is the triangular bone that’s located near the base of your spine and some gentle stimulation here will send some arousing sensations to your genitals.

You’ll be ripping each others clothes off before you’re even through the door!  


Remember that being tickled teethers on the brink of sexual arousal, so this is another move that you’ll have to approach with caution if you want to avoid a swift (accidental) kick to the head.

Okay, so feet might be the last area on your road map of sexual discovery, but they’re packed with nerve endings that are begging for a little action.

You could start with a sensual foot massage, using firm steady strokes that allows your partner to focus on the arousing sensation rather than the ticklish feeling they might have expected to experience.

You can kiss their feet as you massage and if you’re both up for it, some gentle toe sucking can be a huge turn on.

The most important part of discovering which erogenous zones turn you on is having fun with your partner and trying new sensations. If you want to heighten these feelings, then you could include some of our sensation play products, like blindfolds, feather ticklers and nipple clamps.

It really is a fantastic way to get closer and open the doors to other sexual exploration – like introducing couples sex toys into the bedroom or trying out new sexual positions.

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