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The multiple orgasm is the holy grail for many women. Having an orgasm is great, but feeling that pleasure coursing through your body, wave after wave, is something else. As they say, nothing good comes easily, so it takes a little more work to achieve a multiple orgasm – but, wow, is it worth it!

While you might not have managed to get there yet, don’t let that dampen your desire. There’s so much you and your partner can do to bring on multiple orgasms, again and again and again… From every day vaginal exercises, to stepping up the foreplay and exploring other erogenous zones, (almost) endless orgasms really are possible.

So, ladies, we won’t tease you any longer, our multiple orgasm guide will have you tipping over the edge until you just can’t take any more.


Different people have different pictures when they think about what multiple orgasms are. Some class them as one orgasm after another, in quick succession. Others class them as being two or more orgasms during one period of sexual activity, so slowing things down a little in between each climax. Hey – whichever way you see it, more orgasms are always a good thing!


They say the best things in life are free, and orgasms could be at the top of that list. Not only do they leave you feeling on top of the world, but they also relax your body, bring on sleep and keep you and your partner connected – you can’t argue with that. While men generally have to make do with a single climax before having to reload, we women are often able to come not once, not twice, but an unlimited number of times without taking a break. That’s because we have multiple areas to stimulate and types of orgasm to have. Thank you, anatomy!

Here are the two main types of orgasm you can have...

CLITORAL ORGASM The clit tends to be the go-to spot to lick, rub or titillate and why wouldn’t it be? This little love button actually reaches internally around the vagina and all the way to the anus and has over 8,000 nerve endings just waiting to be set off – double those in a penis. And when they are given some love, the feeling is so good!

VAGINAL ORGASM The v-orgasm is all about the G-spot – that sweet spot of sensitivity found internally. When stimulated in the right way, the resulting climax can be intense. But achieving one usually takes more practice and some internal investigation, which is fun anyway.


Keeping things toned is a sure-fire way to boost your chances of multiple climax. This means giving your pelvic floor, or Kegel muscles, a workout on a regular basis. Not only can this make your vaginal muscles stronger and more sensitive, increasing the intensity of your orgasms, but it will also keep you feeling tight and toned for your partner.

Not sure how to do them? Follow these simple steps...

Find the muscles you use to stop yourself peeing (yes, we know how it sounds, but trust us here!)

Squeeze them in for 3 seconds then relax for 3 seconds.

Repeat this 10-15 times, at least 3 times a day.

Add one second a week until you can manage 10.

If you want to spice your workout up a little bit, why not try using sex toys to do the job instead? By inserting and holding vagina-clenching toys such as our Jiggle Balls, you can get off while you get v-fit. Not to mention make those multiple orgasms easier to achieve.


If you’re serious about keeping those intense waves of ecstasy coming, foreplay is not a nice-to-have – it’s a must.

While orgasms are a natural process, you need arousal to fuel them. So, whether you’re pleasuring yourself or getting frisky with your partner, enjoy an intense build-up.

Get those fingers, mouths and sex toys going – starting slowly then gradually building up. The key is to tease and titillate, and even bring yourself right to the edge before slowing down and starting again. The more tension and excitement you create, the more explosive your orgasms will be.

Oral sex is always a good thing to have on the menu. The gentle caress of a partner’s warm, wet tongue teasing the tip of your clit is a tried and tested way to set off that pre-climax tingle. It can also help you get wet, so if you’re planning on heading for the G-spot, the extra slip and slide will feel oh so amazing.


If you’re after those multiple pleasure waves, it’s not simply about keeping going. With the heightened sensitivity immediately following each orgasm, pulling back briefly can help to minimise discomfort and give you a chance to enjoy more of them.

During this pull-back period, direct your own or your partner’s attention away from that area and focus on some sensual, gentler kissing and caressing instead. But, a word of warning – don’t pull back from intimate contact for long or the moment may be lost.


The more you want orgasms to happen, the less likely it is that they will. So, try not to focus solely on the end-goal. Instead, let yourself get lost in the moment. Enjoy every little sensation and quit beating yourself up mentally if you’re not getting there quick enough. To achieve the best orgasms of your life, you need to relax and let physical arousal take over – after all, the journey can be just as fun as the end destination.

We’re not saying your mind should be totally distraction-free. Fantasising and talking dirty to your partner can really help fire things up and get you set for a mind-blowing orgasm. And don’t forget to keep the eye contact going. Being open and vulnerable can lead to deeper orgasmic experiences for both of you.


Okay, so you’re engaging in lots of foreplay, giving yourself time to breathe and feeling ready both in your mind and body, but you’re still not experiencing the multiple orgasms you know your body can deliver. So, what else can you try?

Stay cool (well, hot!) – there are plenty of other ways to up your chances of climax... Use lube for added ooohh – applying lube is a must. It not only increases the slip and slide of every move, but lube also increases sensitivity and heightens arousal. Try a sensation lube like Heat Wave or Cool Tingle and discover a whole new world of intense orgasms. Why not try our Core Pleasure Lubes selection which also includes both of the above. Stimulate other erogenous zones – this could mean something as innocent – but erotic – as tickling, kissing and touching the neck, nipple or around the ear. Or it can mean trying something a little more forbidden – hello, anal play… Switch up your positions – if you always stick to one or two positions, you might find a whole new level of orgasmic satisfaction simply by trying something new. Check out our Sex Position Cards for inspiration.


To keep your arousal levels high and those orgasms coming, nothing beats some playtime with a sex toy or two.

Our Moregasm+ Sex Toys range includes a variety of advanced vibrators with added Climax Technology. Developed by our experts, they can help tip you deliriously over the edge. Stay cool (well, hot!) – there are plenty of other ways to up your chances of climax... THE RAMPANT RABBIT VIBRATOR Hit the spot every time with the G-Spot One. It's been specially designed for intense, internal stimulation coupled with clitoral vibes, perfect using alone or during foreplay. The uniquely shaped shaft and signature ears have been ergonomically designed to target 10 intense vibrations at your G-Spot for mind blowing pleasure. The signature Ann Summers ears fit perfectly between the clitoris for heighten sensations. MOREGASM+ WAND With an easy to use control panel, the Moregasm+ Wand is shaped to hit more nerve endings than ever before for unforgettable, mind-blowing pleasure. Perfect for nights in together or solo play, use the wand to massage and caress yourself or each other and feel the intense vibrations throughout your entire body until climax.

Ps. It’s not just vibrators that can get you there. If you’re up for some backdoor play, butt plug climaxes are incredibly intense.

Or, why not try our orgasm gel? Simply apply a topical amount to the area and enjoy heightened sensations and prolonged pleasure. Wow.


They’re just a hot sexual encounter or two away. So, if you’re revelling in ecstasy after trying out what you’ve just read, keep trying and they’ll come.

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