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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Little on size but big on pleasure, the bullet vibrator is the perfect way to introduce toys into your sex life. From inexperienced first timers, through to those who have a wide selection of toys in their bedside table, the bullet is often the first choice for those looking for some solo pleasure or to spice up their sex life.

Small and un-intimidating, the bullet vibrator is a device that can be put to many uses inside the bedroom. Think of it as the sexual equivalent of a smartphone: always on hand, pocket sized and capable of achieving a whole manner of wonderful things! Although many people may own a bullet, we want to make sure they’re being used to their full potential. So, get those bullets loaded and ready for action…

What is a Bullet Vibrator? In the unlikely event that you’ve got this far without discovering the magic of a bullet vibrator, let’s start with the basics.

A bullet is a small but powerful vibrator that’s designed to target different areas strong vibrations. They differ from other dildo vibrators in that they’re not generally designed for insertion. Instead, they can be held against erogenous zones (or any particularly sensitive spots) and stimulate those areas with strong and direct vibrations.

Due to their small size, bullets are the perfect item to keep stashed under your pillow, pop in a travel bag for a trip away or just keep handy whenever you might need them. Without a whole host of different settings and an intimidating dildo attached.

Can You Insert a Bullet Vibrator? As we mentioned before, bullet vibrators aren’t generally designed for insertion. You’ll get the most from a bullet by using it for anything from teasing through to direct clitoral stimulation… but we’ll get onto that.

There’s no harm in a little careful, shallow insertion, just remember that inserting a bullet can also be dangerous. Due to its small size, there’s a good chance of you losing grip. Nobody wants to have to go on a rescue mission!

How Do You Use a Bullet Vibrator? Have we not said this enough already? The bullet vibrator is a toy of many uses and can help unlock the door to some next level sensations in the bedroom, whether you’re playing solo or in a couple. You can put those vibrations to good use in plenty of different ways. Clitoral There are more than 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, each one ready to be lit up by the intense vibrations coming from your bullet vibrator. If you’re looking for a quick orgasm, simply holding your bullet directly on the clitoris can drive you wild in no time. Alternatively, move the bullet around that whole area for a slower build up. Nipples Having your nipples stimulated can add an extra element to any play, whether it’s during masturbation, foreplay or penetrative sex. Using a bullet to tease your nipples and send waves of pleasure through your body, apply a bit of lube and slide it across your nipples for next-level fun. You never know, you might even achieve a nipple orgasm. For Him Bullet vibrators can be enjoyed by everyone – making them ideal to involve in sex with a male partner. Try running it along his perineum and scrotum, moving up his shaft and finally stopping at the head of his penis. It’s sure to drive him wild! Everywhere Else! Those erogenous zones are the obvious go-to places for a bullet, but it can also be the perfect tool for teasing. Consider tying your partner up with restraints, maybe even throw on a blindfold and use a bullet all over their body. From ticklish to titillating, you’ll drive your partner wild! These are a few suggestions, but the options are endless with a bullet vibrator. Just lie back and let those intense vibrations take over.

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