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SKINCARE - Young Skincare

The preteen to early teenage years (roughly ages 10-14) are a great time to start teaching skincare habits. At this age, kids are beginning to grasp the importance of hygiene and personal care.

However, with the rise of social media, there's also a lot of misinformation out there. Skincare expert Caroline Hirons emphasizes the importance of proper education when it comes to skincare. "Getting into skincare is great if done with knowledge," she says.

A lot of products on the market, many of which the younger generation are seeing on platforms such as TikTok, contain harsh ingredients that are intended for older skin. A number of these ingredients can be irritating to young and healthy skin, treating concerns that kids typically do not deal with and can provoke allergies or eczema and cause more damage in the future.

Skin care content is unrestricted online and celebrity videos showing lengthy evening routines attract millions of views, including children. Many of the trendy creams are harmless, but there are concerns around products designed specifically for older skin. In particular, strong ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, hydroxy acid, and anything labelled as 'brightening' or 'anti-ageing' can cause lasting damage if used incorrectly.

Dr Andrew Kane, from Newcastle, said: "It's worrying to see so many kids diving into skincare routines that aren't designed for them. "The skin of children is very different to that of an adult and this means that the skin barrier is more sensitive to the active ingredients in these products. It can expose children to products which can cause long term sensitivities or allergies."

In fact, my fabulous niece Isabelle recently had an experience with a TikTok-recommended product that left her skin irritated and red. I sat down with Izzy for a chat about skincare products that are more suited to her age and skin type. Check out our conversation!

Experts say that children and teenagers should avoid:

  • Retinol (or anything with Vitamin A)

  • Vitamin C

  • Hydroxy acid

  • Anti-ageing products

  • Brightening products

Experts recommend a simple skincare routine at a young age, including a gentle cleanser, a light moisturiser and sunscreen if UV rays are high.

To shop any of the products we talk about in the video head to 

Additionally, if you have any questions about skincare for the younger generation, please feel free to drop me a message – I'm here to help!

Let's navigate the world of skincare together and keep our kids' skin healthy and happy.

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