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TO TRIM OR NOT TO TRIM: Pubic Hairstyles

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

How’s your lady garden looking these days? If you’re part of the 92% of women in the UK who admit to grooming, chances are you’re a proud member of bikini line gang – a special group of women dedicated to waxing, shaving, plucking, and zapping those pesky pubes!

In a recent survey carried out by Gillette Venus for Cosmopolitan UK,  said the number one reason for pubic preening was for a holiday, with medical appointments coming in a close second. One-third of women said they did their bikini line once a week, while 47% of ladies will have a special tidy before a date.


Our pursuit for pubic perfection is very much a personal matter – full and big, tidy and neat or totally smooth, there isn’t a right or wrong way when it comes to cultivating our fabulous Vs!

But there does appear to be some trends across the age groups. A YouGov survey looked into pubic grooming preferences of men and women in Britain for Cosmopolitan. The results revealed that men and women below 30 are in favour of ladies whipping it all off, while those over 30 are a little more relaxed in the style stakes – opting to leave a little more hair down there.

If you’ve been rocking the same old style for a while, perhaps it’s time to mix it up and try something new! Here’s our guide to this season’s must-have pubic hairstyles…


If you want to save some dough on waxing, creams and shaving products, why not go au naturel?  The big ol’ bush was a firm favourite in the ‘70s, and while it may have gone out of fashion in subsequent years, it’s making a comeback. Speaking to Glamour Magazine, model and body activist, Ashley Graham, had a very refreshing attitude when asked about grooming:“Honey, I have a full bush. Period. It’s about your preference and your partner’s preference.”

Other celebrities have come out to support the bush, including Gwyneth Paltrow and music artist Solange who took to twitter to say “Who ever invented the bikini wax was an evil creature. Who said bushes need to be gone?!”

Best knickers for this style: Shorts are perfect as they offer a little more frontal cover for the fuller bush.


This style is for the ladies with a high tolerance to pain and a penchant for a little hair. This waxing technique leaves just a small strip of hair on the pubis while everything else is stripped away – including from the sides, your undercarriage and your bottom. Victoria Beckham is a big fan and declared back in 2003 that the Brazilian should be “made compulsory at 15”.

Best knickers for this style: Go for a super-sexy, low cut Brazilian knicker or thong to show off all that hard work.


So what the Brazilian left behind, the Hollywood is here to take. This wax means business – there’s nowhere for your hair to hide! While the Brazilian had been a popular preening method since 1987, the Hollywood didn’t become popular until 1998 when it made its way to the mainstream by way of Sex and the City and Carrie’s fantastic reaction to getting a wax “I got mugged. She took everything I got… I feel like one of those freaking hairless dogs.” And so the hybrid to the Brazilian was born and it shall be forever known as the ‘Hollywood’.  

Best knickers for this style: Well, seeing as though nothing is going to get in the way, why not indulge in some naughty fun with an edible thong?


Also known as the French Wax, this is pretty much the ‘short back and sides’ of the pubic hairstyling world. Just like the Brazilian and Hollywood, hair is removed from the sides and labia, but you are left with a little more hair on your pubis. You don’t even need to keep to a landing strip style, some ladies also opt for a ‘bermuda triangle’ or a ‘postage stamp’ style.

Best knickers for this style: Whether you want to go elegant, sexy or cute with your underwear, a thong is perfect for this style.


This is the classic bikini wax for the low maintenance gal! And you don’t even need to suffer at the hands of a waxing strip to achieve this look – you can easily do it yourself with a razor or hair removal cream. Just neaten the sides up to stop those spider legs from poking out and you’re good to go!

Best knickers for this style: Our gorgeous briefs are ideal for the lady who loves effortless style.


Because, well, why not!? Just like the landing strip wax, all you’re left with is a lovely tuft of hair in the shape of a love heart.

Best knickers for this style:  Our strings are pretty and perfect – just like that lovely love heart.


So, you’ve whipped it all off and now your feeling a little… well… naked. What you need is a Vajazzle! This treatment came into the lives of UK ladies when it became famous on the reality TV show, The Only Way is Essex. American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is a huge fan, and in fact helped coin the term ‘Vajazzle’ (vagina and bedazzle).  She dedicated an entire chapter in her book ‘The Day I Shot Cupid’ to the treatment, saying “After a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady, and it shined like a disco ball.”

Best knickers for this style: Why just be party in the front when you can be party in the back, too? Our Silvia Diamante Brief is the ideal partner for your sparkling showpiece!


So it’s gone horribly wrong. You cheated on your beauty therapist with a therapist you found on a voucher website and you hate your new style! You can’t let anyone see you like this! There’s only one thing left to do… you need to wear a merkin. That’s right, you need a vagina wig. Yep, a wig for your vagina. Or, you could just bide your time and grow it out because no one will really mind that you’ve had a bad wax.

Best knickers for this style: Nothing. If you’re going to go that far, just rock it girl!

Have fun styling ladies!

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