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Personalise your playtime with our Power Bullet Set.

You can take your pick from four sleeves and a 10-speed bullet for targeted clitoral stimulation.

Simply opt for the textured sleeves to explore new sensations or experience enhanced vibrations with the smooth sleeves.

Use yours alone or during foreplay, swapping between the heads when desired.

For optimum performance we would recommend new batteries when using your toy for the first time. Do not mix different types of battery brands or mix new and used batteries as this may effect the performance of your product.

When using rechargeable batteries make sure they are fully charged before use. Rechargeable batteries may limit the power output of the product and may compromise the overall performance.


X2 smooth sleeves

 X2 textured sleeves

 10-speed vibrating bullet

 Requires 1XAAA batteries - not included

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