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SKINCARE - The Perfect Regime - Serums

Updated: Apr 30


Let's talk about SERUMS and

- Why

- How

- When

to use them...


Serums deliver a potent shot of active ingredients directly to your skin which makes them great for addressing specific concerns such as dullness, ageing, and hydration. They provide a more intensive treatment which is absorbed quickly and works fast.


Serums can hydrate, smooth, plump, firm, exfoliate or brighten – it all depends on the exact formula you choose. Don't worry... I an help you with that, we just need to determine any concerns you have with your skin or any issues you would like to address... Serums can also be LAYERED too so you can use more than one if there are multiple concerns you would like to address OR you can mix two serums and apply them together.

Serums are usually in pump action bottles and 1-2 pumps should be applied to the skin in an upward sweeping motion over the face and neck. This is done twice per day (morning and night) AFTER your eye cream and BEFORE your moisturiser. Serums are fast absorbing so you don't have wait long before you apply your moisturiser.



Adding a face serum to your skincare can truly be a gamechanger, allowing you to tailor your routine to your skin’s unique needs. The high concentration of powerful ingredients along with the ability to penetrate the skin means that serums can deliver all those age-defying, hydrating or brightening benefits to the deeper layers of the skin. All you need to decide is what problem areas you think you need to tackle



- Renewal Power Serum - Target 7 signs of ageing in 7 days with this powerful formula - Platinum Lift & Tighten - Smooth out the appearance of fine lines with a lifted look that lasts all day

- Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum - Target dullness, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone

- Hydrate & Plump Concentrate - Multi-depth hydration that plumps and smooths the skin

- Anti Wrinkle Smoothing Serum - Contains Retinol to target deep set wrinkles

- Youth Maximising Serum - Infused with tetra peptides, it works to hydrate, soften and smooth your skin for a radiant appearance

- Sativa Illuminate & Calm Face Essence - Illuminating serum for dull, irritated skin



Firstly, it is important that you know my skin type... I have combination skin with some oiler patches, my skincare concerns were a particularly dry and sensitive patch of skin on my right cheek and dark circles under my eyes.

I had NEVER used a serum before joining Avon and completing my skincare training. I have tried both the Renewal Power Serum and the Platinum Lift & Tighten Serum... I LOVE THEM BOTH! So I am mixing a pump of each both morning and night and I am loving the results that I am seeing. I have the benefit of the 7 signs of ageing being targeted by one serum whilst the other lifts and tightens my skin.


So, have you learnt anything new? Have you used a serum before?

Are you wanting to add one to your routine now you know a little more? Do you want help to select the right one? I'M HERE TO HELP Or you can shop here ---

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